Testimonial: The Kia Store

I would like to take this time to give a great report on Traver Connect.

I am the Fixed Operations Director for 3 KIA stores in Louisville KY, we average about 60 customer pay RO's a day and the phones ring off of the hook non stop. We hired in house personnel to take these call when the advisors could not get to them, (which was most of the time) what I found is that to take care of the customer I was constantly getting on the advisors to make sure and answer the calls when the phone would ring, or I was constantly training personnel on how to handle certain calls, how to set a proper appointments, how to up sell services needed, the list goes on and on.

What I found is that there is no way 3 advisors and 2 hired operators could handle the call volume properly, what we found is that by lunch we would would have 20 messages that were left in the morning from customer's either wanting an appointment or checking on their vehicle. It would just set me off, then I said I was going to spend one full week and just sit and write service at the drive myself to show everyone how it's done. I found out that it was impossible to ... Wait on customers, answer the phone, update customer's on their vehicles, sell product to the customer after the tech had done their MPI and listed all of the services needed, take care of heat cases, make sure the customer redelivery was performed with the customer, call the customer and let them know they are ready for pickup, etc ...

I realized I either had to hire about 8 people to spread out all of the tasks or look for another option. I priced out what it cost us for just our 2 hired personnel, and found that with benefits, hourly pay, bonuses for up sells, and time off, each employee cost me about $2500.00 a month. So we were heading toward $5000.00 a month with 2 employees hired to answer the phones and take up all of my time training and keeping track of their production and listening to all the calls they were screwing up and messages still were being left on our phones due to lunch breaks, days off, and just not having enough personnel to get to the phones.

I found Traver on the internet as I was looking for a better solution, I mystery called several of the dealerships they had listed as being a part of their program and was stunned to find out, every time I called the phone was answered by a professional sounding attendant, that not only set my appointment but also offered me the dealership's services based on my needs and the miles on my vehicle. I was up sold services, my needs were met, my questions were answered, and I felt a warm and fuzzy feeling because it was such a prompt service.

We hired Traver to take over at all 3 of our dealerships, it has been an amazing ride so far. What I didn't realize is that we were missing so many phone calls, our business has doubled due to the customer's always getting their needs met, and the phone is getting answered. We have actually hired more techs and expanded our service shops at 2 facilities due to the extra appointments each day. The cost is less than what it cost me to hire personnel in house and it doesn't take any of my time once everything is set up. Karen with Traver has been amazing and whenever I have a need or want to switch something up she is always available and gets it done before I have time to think about it again.

I highly recommend Traver Connect, even if you have an in house BDC you need to check out what they can do for you, the ROI will blow you AWAY!

Scott Fraze
Fixed Operations Director · The KIA Store · Louisville, KY