Testimonial: BMW - Sonic Automotive

Since our transition to Traver Connect, we couldn't be happier.

When we initially looked at going to an outside BDC to handle our service calls and appointment scheduling one objective we wanted to maintain was for our customers to feel they were working with an internal associate during each phone call (even though the service was being provided from an offsite location).

Our first attempt with a different vendor (not Traver Connect) and did not fair so well and really did set back the morale of our internal associates.

When we approached Traver Connect hoping to find a better solution, we noticed first and foremost how John and Karen listened to us and worked to understand what our dealership needed. Their approach to developing a game plan on how we were going to achieve our goals and desires was very organized. I was impressed by the amount of thought and processes they put in place before the first phone call even rang.

John and Karen invited us to come to their Business Center in Dallas and train their staff on our specific processes prior to going live due to the quirks and unique processes we wanted executed. This in my eyes was a tremendous commitment on their part that they wanted to see this venture be 100% successful from day one without any hiccups.

We have been very happy with every aspect of Traver Connect. Their professionalism is outstanding and best of all they deliver on what they promise.

Andrew P. Eytcheson
Service Director · Global Imports BMW · Atlanta, GA