Retaining customers requires a positive customer experience which begins with the incoming call to the service department

These are wild times in the automotive service industry. The increased amount of phone calls to the service drive and the impact of vehicle recalls has caused some operators view to service and parts as a problem, but the top 25% in our industry know that their largest opportunity will be found in fixed operations. And while this quasi-chaos continues, the OEM’s are asking for CSI scores that reflect an improved customer experience to drive service retention and ultimately sales retention.

Is your dealership currently at a place where you are comfortable with your customer experience touch points throughout the service experience? From your service call hold times, to the actual appointment setting process of customer records being updated to the DMS and recommended maintenance being advised and pre-sold on the appointment call? How about the drive experience? Are the advisors able to do what you are asking them to do? These are all components of the customer experience that can be measured and improved successfully with the right process and systems in place.

Have you noticed how the cost to acquire a new customer has just kept climbing? Today that PVR cost sits at $625 PVR whereas the cost to retain that same customer or UIO is nearly 10 times lesser than PVR cost?* Retaining customers requires a positive customer experience and a consistent, effective reminder strategy. Are you comfortable with your current outbound reminder initiatives to retain customers in your service department? The cheapest and the most profitable way to grow the dealership is to service the vehicles sold and focus on customer retention through service retention.

Exceptional customer experience is the key to customer retention. Your customer’s phone call for service sets the tone for the customer experience.

Traver Connect delivers a branded experience on every phone call through our best practices:

  • Establishing strong communication - We answer every call, schedule a firm appointment and provide a texting tool for regular service updates
  • Personalize the service call – We address the repeat customer by name, retrieve the details & pre-sell based on mileage or time
  • Ensure Transparency - We provide information on the amenities, service duration and cost estimate along with regular SMS updates to the customer during the service

A branded experience makes a difference to the service department in the following ways:

  • Firm appointment for every customer ensures better scheduling and hence, reduced customer wait time
  • Service Advisors schedule is freed up to sell more ROs and more dollars per RO
  • Higher appointment show rates, pre-sell and retention result in an increase in revenue
  • Outbound reminder call campaigns with exceptional ROI

Delivering a positive customer experience consistently on every call requires is a robust process that needs to be efficiently implemented and followed. Customer experience is not about taking the customers by surprise or doing something radically different. It is just about making the customer say “Wow! That was easy” or “Wow! That was simple”

*Based on a survey conducted by John Wiley & Sons