The Customer

customer image

Without a doubt, the modern Dealership needs to adapt to the tech-savvy customer who is digitally connected. These same customers rely on word- of-mouth and seek the experiences shared by others by reading reviews or viewing images.

The power of communication

means that Dealerships can engage their customers quicker and easier using SMS text or email. Dealerships can confirm new appointments, services, or even send surveys directly to the customer’s device.

Mobile pay

allows Dealerships to get paid quicker, meeting the demands of the modern day customer. Offering a variety of methods to satisfy the customer will place your Dealership ahead of the rest.

Data and analytics

will drive your future Service BDC. Dealerships need to be analyzing a customer’s profile, such as their last oil change, number of miles until next service is due, brake change, tire rotation, etc. Most Dealerships don’t have the tools to understand their own data.

Speak to the Traver connect team to learn more GURA Text and Pay™ and GURA Desktop™, both of which will modernize your way to communicate, receive payments, and analyze data.

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