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Are hold times holding up your revenue?

It’s the busiest time of the year for your dealership. Owners scheduling routine tune-ups and customers looking to upgrade their vehicle for the new year. Don’t let your phone lines hold up vital business during this important time.

What is the Hang Up?

The phone rings and a customer is immediately put on hold due to high call volume. After waiting they begin a conversation with one of your representatives, unfortunately they need to be transferred to a different business unit to best serve their needs, which means more hold time.

It’s important to have the right strategies in place to exemplify the best customer experience possible – which can move someone from a one-time consumer to a loyal customer. Traver’s expert team can help strategize and implement the perfect user-experience which instills brand loyalty to help your bottom line.

Don’t Phone It In

Preparation and a high-functioning staff can equate to more sales and appointments booked. We set you and your team up for success. By utilizing existing data, we can pull call volume and ensure you are staffed appropriately at peak hours.

Traver Connect offers a unique BackStop Assist program to help catch and manage overflow calls during down times like lunch or after-hours – making sales while you are away. Driving revenue is always the number one priority and Traver Connect works as a premier BDC partner to help manage and propel your financial goals forward in the new year.

What is next?

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