How Traver Connect Drives Innovations to Your Customers

Innovation and technology have been moving toward anything and everything touchless, even before everyone was stuck at home. From travel, payments, to even grocery delivery – consumers want a customized and convenient experience.

Traver Connect enhances your dealerships innovative consumer experiences by communicating and planning for customers – which helps improve overall brand loyalty.

Door-To-Door Transportation  

Selling a car is just the first step. Retention and loyalty are built on exceptional long-term experiences, which can be solidified by your service department.

With busy schedules it can be difficult to go in for a regular tune up, even when a vehicle is under warranty. Valet service – either directly through a dealership or third-party vendor – offers a catered experience for customers. Individuals can have their car picked up, serviced, and delivered back to them, all without even leaving their home.

While this convenient method was building steam amongst dealerships in a pre-pandemic life, it is even more vital to be able to offer contactless and safe experiences for customers.

Convenient Communication

Whether a vehicle is dropped off through a valet service or someone comes into the dealership, continued communication is key. To provide real-time communications to customers, Traver Connect can help you get connected with a partner to help your dealership utilize text updates and remote payment options to improve efficiencies.

Not only does this help the overall customer experience, but it avoids a bottleneck of calls checking on the status of the vehicle being serviced. Data shows around 40% of incoming calls are requesting status updates. Texting helps free up lines, eliminates customer confusion and wait times.

This same texting tool also creates a seamless survey communication for customers, increasing response rates and helping to troubleshoot customer feedback in real-time.

Traver Connect continues to be a vital partner in strategizing, communicating, and implementing some of these amazing innovations as dealerships evolve their customer service experience. Let’s get connected for a BDC evaluation today, click here to get it scheduled.