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Our History

Our history is rich in BDC. Our Founder is John Traver who built and created the original Sales BDC for the automobile industry in 1991. John Traver will be the first one to tell you that there is very little in common between the two BDC disciplines. So that’s why he has brought together a team that delivers Traver Connect – providing you with a complete suite of tools and services that enable you to connect with your customers-In hopes of servicing them until they buy their next vehicle from your dealership. We are headquartered in the telecom corridor of Richardson | Texas. Our facility is over 60,000 s.f. with state of the art technology and over 450 seats to boost Dealerships into the new era service-led business.


Our leadership team is loaded with automotive experience. We check our egos at the door. We ask the right questions and we seek to be a little better each and every day. Nothing stands still here-except our commitment to your mission-to find and keep your customers in the drive. If you’re looking for the perfect company-keep looking-we’re not perfect. But we are passionate, and we are trailblazers-not copycats. We want to understand what you want to accomplish-and then we will help you get there-whatever it takes.