Speed Matters in Sales BDC

Speed Matters in Sales BDC

Speed matters in almost all aspects of life, but especially in automobile sales. In sales, speed is vital. Did you know that the first dealership a customer talks to is 200% more likely to receive their business? Now think about how many phone calls or web leads your auto sales staff might be missing. Maybe they’re already with a customer and can’t pick up the phone. Maybe it’s after hours and there’s no one to respond to a web lead. Thinking about all those missed leads could keep an automobile general manager up at night.

That’s why John Traver added Traver Connect Sales BDC to the already successful Service BDC suite of solutions for auto dealerships. Traver Connect Sales BDC connects dealerships with twice as many customers, with the result of increasing sales right away.

When a customer calls or reaches out online, Traver Connect Sales BDC ensures you don’t miss a single lead whether your staff is busy or it’s after hours. We understand that connecting with customers right away is paramount.

Traver Connect Sales BDC offers a number of ways to increase your sales bottom line, including:

  • Covering calls and acting as a backstop
  • Training your staff virtually
  • Providing qualitative analysis and coaching of staff
  • Consulting
  • Executing an outbound marketing campaign

In today’s market, every competitive edge is valuable—which is why the first dealership to connect with a customer is critical. Visit TraverConnect/Sales BDC or call 855-891-0010 and let us walk you through the ways we can help your dealership succeed.