December Blog

Technology that a dealership in-depth reporting on their BDC team

Managing sales, unique promotions, and incoming calls can be overwhelming. That’s why Traver Connect created a proprietary program, Service Business Development Center (BDC) Capsule, to make tasks manageable while simultaneously boosting revenue.

Traver Connect understands dealership’s goals and the best way to maximize a customer experience. Today, accessibility and turnkey are the key to success, and this one-of-a-kind tool for dealerships improves all experiences from customers, agents, and managers.

With a focus on turning an expense center into a profit center, the Service BDC Capsule serves as a one-stop-shop for agents and managers. Here is some insight to how it can make an impact for your business.

  • Manage More: The tool is built to manage multiple dealerships all working within the same system and tracks down to the second the activity of your BDC agent or agents.
  • Smart Reporting: Agents can track activity to-date as well as review historical data to offer a deep-dive into marketing trends and successes.
  • Call Access: Manage calls in one place. Agents can view phone number contacts and get a snapshot into previous discussions, allowing seamless transitions and exceptional customer service.
  • Easy-To-Manage Workflow: Make setting up services a breeze with easily accessible packages and promotions for each dealership, access to car services or shuttles at their fingertips, and live interactive scheduling calendars.
  • Additional Coverage: The system tracks calls and messages after hours so you don’t miss capturing a lead or customer.
  • Key Communication: Using phone calls, email, or text, agents can connect and schedule reminders to customers all in the same platform.

Merging customer relationship management with an all-inclusive business development center, the Traver Connect tool offers the best of both worlds in one easy-to-use application.

The Service BDC Capsule is always working to elevate the customer experience. It collects unique data from customers so teams can better assist customers as well as create marketing strategies and plans that have a real impact. The Service BDC Capsule makes it easy to make more sales at optimum times and enhance revenue.

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