Service BDC capsule June blog

Top 3 Reasons To Check Out The New Service BDC Capsule

If we gave a magic lamp to any Fixed Ops Department in the country, we know the three things they’d wish for:

  • Increase my BDC productivity
  • Improve my Fixed Ops profitability
  • One solution that combines BDC, CRM, and service data

Fortunately for dealers nationwide, they won’t need a genie to get these three wishes. The new Traver Connect Service BDC Capsule is the solution that grants those three wishes—and more.

In the automotive industry, we see that phone systems, call metrics, Service CRMs, BDC tools, and service data have always been disconnected. In addition, most Service CRMs fail to deliver all the proper tools and meaningful metrics that the business requires. This is where the Service BDC Capsule comes in. It offers native telephony, CRM, RO data integration, and robust reporting all in one place. It can give your Service BDC the edge it needs to deliver the results your business requires. It’s time to stop patching together Service BDC tools, and while you’re at it, quit paying for click charges and overages for phone calls. All that is included with the Service BDC Capsule.

“The great thing about the Service BDC Capsule is that it provides all the tools a dealership needs—all in one place—to enable their team to be more productive and profitable in a measurable way,” says Traver Connect Founder and CEO John Traver. “That makes all the difference in turning an expense center into a profit center when it comes to the Service Department.”

We’ve created the ultimate turnkey toolbox to enable your Service BDC team to become more productive, profitable, and with measurable revenue growth. Call 855-891-0010 to learn more or schedule a complimentary assessment of your Service BDC.