Track Productivity From Anywhere

As the work environment that we know becomes increasingly virtual and remote, it’s important to have tools in place to help effectively manage progress and staff from anywhere. Unique to Traver Connect, the second generation BDC Capsule™ tool tracks and manages essential data for dealerships, even those seeking tiered BDC support.


Bettering Your Bottomline 

Existing tools either provide too much or not enough support. BDC Capsule is unparalleled to any system of its kind. Optimizing meaningful data that pertains to the effectiveness and bottom line of your business.

Tools Include:

·      Daily Metrics: How many outgoing calls were made and how many appointments or next steps resulted from those calls.

·      Call Volume: Optimal times of day call volume was experienced, helping to better predict staffing needs.

·      Customer Satisfaction: Internal metric systems for call staff to rank their work and listen in on previous conversations learning where to improve.


Accountability Is Key 

Time is money. The BDC Capsule tool can track down to the second calls for each BDC Agent and success rates – providing insight into what you can’t see.


On average, it takes the Traver BDC team about two minutes to handle a call. How do you compare? Traver Connect has over 100 professionally trained agents that are coached weekly to ensure helpful, friendly, and kind service is being delivered for each client.