Retention Moves™ is our new White-Glove Concierge Service

Early adopters using Retention Moves are finding a return of 2-4X their initial investment and higher CSI scores with increased retention due to the high-end feel of this white-labeled experience.


Early adopters of this solution are finding that it is the secret formula that sets them apart from both the competing dealerships and independent shops in their areas. Customers love the high-end feel of the VIP service, your staff culture improves as your team members find more time to be productive, your retention numbers increase due to the white glove approach, and most importantly, your revenue increase exponentially through both bottom-line service profits and OEM reimbursements.


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“Pick-up and delivery services are an intricate web of partnerships and logistics that take years to develop. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes putting together the partnerships, processes, and solutions to ensure a seamless transition for our dealer partners.”

John Traver, Founder, Traver Connect

More Set Appointments, Higher CSI Scores

Users of Traver Connect’s Retention Moves service are finding that in addition to the initial profits that come from more set appointments, Traver’s knowledgeable recommendations create additional upsell opportunities and the high-end features drive better CSI scores, creating greater reimbursements from manufacturers.

Our proprietary process for inbound communication converts customer leads into actual sales and the outbound solutions drive, retain, and grow customers over time to increase year-over-year profits. This hands-on approach is what has such a profound impact on the service and sales teams Traver Connect serves.

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Is Your Service Team Currently Winning with the Following?

Customer Experience

  • Ease of check-in and check-out?
  • Mobile service offered? Transparency during visit?

Value vs Cost

  • Do they find you trustworthy?
  • Does the value exceed the cost?
  • Is there 3rd party validation?


  • Are there updates during the service?
  • Is there an explanation of the services provided?


  • Does the timing meet customer’s needs?
  • Is there a loaner option?
  • Is pick-up and delivery offered?

Move the Needle

Culture – Our team takes the pressure from your staff with incoming and outbound calls, resulting in more time and less frustration for your staff.

Revenue – Increased revenue from outbound service calls and scheduled appointments, and increased OEM reimbursements for retention numbers.

Customer Experience – White-glove VIP service creates a high-touch experience customers love, resulting in positive reviews and increased CSI numbers.

Retention – Ease of process and regular reminder calls make customers select your service department over competitors.

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