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Today’s competitive automobile sales environment is very different than it was even two years ago. Now the initial call or web contact from a customer is the make-or-break point of sale. That’s why it’s vital that your sales team catches every single call or web inquiry. And for most internal Sales BDCs, that’s impossible. Your sales reps are busy interacting with customers on the showroom floor or talking on another line and can’t pick up. That’s where Traver Connect Sales BDC comes in. If your staff can’t answer a customer’s call or web lead immediately, we can quickly and skillfully do it for you.


Starting at just over $15 per day! Yep-per DAY-as in ALL Day!

Our live agents answer calls when your staff is busy or your store is closed – expanding your coverage up to 87 hours a week. Our agents also call a customer within 60 seconds of their submitting an inquiry through your website.



Just over $39 per day for a well trained team!

Key words and phrases make all the difference when communicating in the digital world. Let us work with your existing Sales BDC team to improve lead conversion and showroom sales. Our team of experts will leverage their years of experience to help your Sales staff hone their crucial appointment-setting skills. We offer both virtual, live instructor-led courses as well as a web-based on-demand library of training sessions. Use either or both, and watch your staff benefit from increased confidence and higher close rates.



Starting at just over $15 per day! Shrink that “knowing problem” by letting us resolve the “doing problem”!

How do we know that our Traver Connect Sales BDC solutions work? We measure it! This is how you maintain momentum once your process is in place. We will give your store a continually improving Sales BDC system, because the numbers don’t lie. Ask us how we do it today!


If the idea of improving your store’s Sales BDC numbers sounds intriguing but you’re unsure where or how to start, just give us a call at 866-459-0709. One of our experts will talk with you about your store’s specific needs and can create a customized solution. Pricing is based on your needs and your store size.


Perhaps your in-house Sales BDC is able to handle your existing inbound business, but you’d like to drive more customer traffic to your store. Traver Connect can create a tailored outbound call, email or text campaign to maximize your Sales team’s appointment calendars. Pricing is based on your store size and your goals.


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Let's sit down together and discuss your current Sales and/or Service BDC program.

Come prepared with your current metrics, number of calls, sales appointments and service appointments, so we can access where and when we can compliment your current BDC process. Don’t have any metrics? We know we can provide even more value by helping your dealership start to capture and measure all things BDC.