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  • Learn more about our new Service BDC Capsule!

    We built a new software that puts together telephony, a CRM, and a service scheduler in one platform. Your BDC Managers and Agents will know be able to track their productivity to help optimize your BDC Team.

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    Cover & Respond

    We’ll answer phones when your staff is busy or it’s after hours – expanding your coverage up to 87 hours a week of live coverage.

    And as soon as a customer fills out a form on your website, we’ll call them right away.

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    Staff Training & Support

    We’ll work with your staff to ensure they’re up on best practices in two flexible ways: Live online instruction or on-demand learning.

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    Measurable Results

    We’ll help boost the confidence and performance of your staff through qualitative, real-time analysis and quantitative results you can use to make adjustments.

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    Check out some of the latest insights on Sales and Service BDC

    We provide tips, insights and content on the Sales and Service BDC process along with some of the industry greats.

    Take a few moments to check out our latest topics or spend a little more time visiting our blog for a deep look in what Traver Connect is all about.

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    Photos from our VIP Event

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    Building Customer Trust

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    What Retention Looks Like Today and in the Future for Automotive Dealers

    What Retention Looks Like Today and in the Future for Automotive Dealers

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    We measure our work based on the feedback our clients and industry partners give us!

    We will continue to innovate and improve on everything we do and provide for our clients.

    • "Margin compression that dealers have experienced on the “front end” of the deal will begin to be felt across their other profit centers. As a result, I’m a big fan of companies that are helping to alleviate margin compression by helping dealers spend money more judiciously. An example of this are technologies and services that help dealers run their operations more efficiently.

      Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the contracting of non-primary business activities and functions to a third-party provider. BPO services include payroll, human resources (HR), accounting and customer/call center relations. We should see more technology-enabled services that help dealers do more with fewer resources. A great example of this is Traver Connect, led by industry visionary John Traver. "

      Steve Greenfield
      Automotive Ventures

    • "The cost was the main selling point for us. If we compare a 40 hour employee, plus vacation, time off, training, phones, etc., it is far easier to have Traver Connect handle it for us and we reassigned or eliminated the full-time positions in each store who were just answering the phones."

      Fixed Ops Director, Midwest Dealer Group

    • "They do it for 1/3rd of the cost of what I’d have to pay. We are already spread thin. One of the best decisions we have made."

      General Manager, Luxury Store

    • "4 pieces of paper and giving them access to our scheduler and giving me a number to implement in 48 hours."

      Service Manager, Hyundai Store

    • "Price and how fast it was up and running. We were behind the 8-ball when I called them. I needed it “yesterday”."

      General Manager, Honda Store

    • "They had everything they needed from us and it literally felt like it was plug and play. We wanted to engage with them and the last thing we wanted to do was waste MORE time with set up. But it was up and running in 24-48 hours."

      Service Director, Honda Store

    • "It would cost us triple to staff and train a team to deliver on what Traver Connect does. Traver has a process in place and follows it very well. So even if we staffed up to catch every call, we’d still need to worry about performance issues."

      Fixed Operations Director, 4 Stores

    • "They cover our shop 87 hours per week, even beyond our open hours and during ALL of our open hours. This is HUGE for us. So even hours after we close, they are still answering the phones and setting appointments. We don’t have to worry about lunch breaks, days off, training, etc."

      Chevrolet Dealer Principal, Chevrolet Store

    • "We can’t staff the BDC here on our own. So we use our couple of people and then use Traver to make sure we are answering all our calls. We miss far fewer calls today with them. "

      Service Manager, Toyota Store

    • "We now see about 85-90% converted. We only were covering about 70% before Traver. Now we have 52% of our calls that include Traver providing additional service recommendations during the call, beyond what the customer was calling for. This makes our lane experience so much more valuable and aligned. And it drives new customer pay revenue for us. This is a big deal for us."

      Service Director, Luxury Store

    • "They’ve resolved our issue with inconsistent appointment settings. Some appointments weren’t being entered into our CRM when we were handling this on our own. Also, we weren’t following a script. We like how they handle these calls. And maybe most obvious, our phones are being answered now, they just weren’t before."

      Fixed Ops Director, CDJR Store

    • "We had issues with consistency as we were always having to train new BDC agents. They have this down to a science. We are going to have Traver do our other stores starting this summer. We went slow because we weren’t sure how the advisors would receive the change. We are happy we made the change."

      Fixed Ops Director, Import Stores

    • "Coverage. We did not have the ability to cover the phones like they do for us at 87 hours per week. Peace of mind now. Calls being answered right away versus Ping-Ponging is now almost entirely eliminated."

      Dealer Principal, CDJR Store

    • "Price and how fast it was up and running. We were behind the 8-ball when I called them. I needed it “yesterday”."

      General Manager, Honda Store

    • "For the first time in 2022, we’ve achieved and exceeded CSI requirements. It’s been a rough start to this year in many areas, CSI being the biggest. Inside of a week or so, Traver Connect has given our CSI a huge facelift!

      Customer satisfaction means the world to us and Traver’s support in this campaign has really taken a load off my service drive team. I can’t thank you guys enough!”

      Service Director, Chrysler Store


      Let's sit down together and discuss your current Sales and/or Service BDC program.

      Come prepared with your current metrics, number of calls, sales appointments and service appointments, so we can access where and when we can compliment your current BDC process. Don’t have any metrics? We know we can provide even more value by helping your dealership start to capture and measure all things BDC.