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Announcing Our FREE NADA Success Assessment Offer!

By: John Traver

NADA is right around the corner and we can’t wait to see you in our hometown of Dallas, Texas!  In addition to our VIP reception (we hope you have RSVP’d, if not RSVP Here) we will be offering a NADA special only available at the show. 

During this year’s NADA, we will be offering a free assessment to determine your productivity and profitability in both your Service and Sales BDC strategies. In addition, we’ll be unveiling the five critical items you must have to obtain co-op dollars from your OEMs in 2023. 

Please read on for more information on this important giveaway and sign up for your FREE Assessment at the link below.


Assessment 1: Service BDC Productivity & Profitability 

Agent accountability. Dealership productivity. Managing and optimizing your BDC schedule. Dealerships are finally able to measure and track each customer interaction, along with each agent’s performance and skill level, for a better ROI metric to prove the importance of their department each month. All through their BDC platform. 

This assessment will go through the following key metrics of your BDC:

1.  Productivity – Are you agents 80% or 120% productive (on the phone live with a customer)

2.  Profitability – Does your BDC pay for itself X2 or more?

3.  Customer Experience – Is it trending up or stagnant? 

4.  RO Growth – Do you have 5% Service YOY growth?

5.  Missed calls – Does your abandonment rate exceed 5-7%?


Assessment 2: Sales BDC 

A consistent process and talking points are key to making or breaking a customer relationship. Do your sales professionals follow key talking points when booking appointments? Are they being helpful, friendly and kind by setting up proper customer expectations for the actual visit? Were they friendly while active listening to the customer’s needs? Did they show kindness while trying to find times and days that would meet the customers schedule, even if it’s not a perfect fit? These steps all build revenue and trust. 

This assessment will help you determine where you stand in your Sales success, including:

1. What place did you finish on your last “Lead Market” survey ranking vs your closest competitors?

2. Do you have a Live connect rate on Web Leads at 48% or are you at the average 12%?

3. Are you appointment conversions in the mid 60% – 75% range?

4. Can you connect LIVE with sales leads in 30-90 seconds and stop the shopping? 


Assessment 3: Service BDC – the 5 critical results in 2023 

We’ve been having a lot of discussions with manufacturers and one thing that is becoming crystal clear is retention will be of the utmost importance as we head into 2023. We’re hearing that the main factor that will be driving co-op dollars and reimbursements will center on retention stats, and even more importantly, the below five measurements in 2023.

In this assessment, we will help you determine your success with: 

1.  Retention 12-18 months (defectors) 

2.  Telematic Lead Conversion 

3.  Incoming Abandonment Rate 

4.  RO Growth 

5.  10-year Retention / Loyalty 

If you don’t have an OEM-approved BDC partner helping you capture at least 85% first time or keeping 65%+ for up to 96 months retention numbers, the time to make the change is now.  You could be losing co-op dollars in the coming year if you are not hitting these numbers. 

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