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By: Bob Gower

In the majority of Business Development Centers (BDC) we work with the main measure of agent success usually comes down to volume of calls and appointments made. While this is a decent way to measure the ROI of your team, it fails to take into account one of the main indicators of increased profit: productivity by agent.

Whereas volume looks at the amount of calls made, appointments created etc., true productivity is measured by how effectively these items are being completed. For instance, if you have Agent A who makes 300 calls in an hour and books appointments at a rate of one appointment per 10 calls, and you have Agent B who makes 300 calls an hour, but books appointments at a rate of 5 appointments per 10 calls, you have a difference in productivity. Agent B is bringing in additional revenue and upsell opportunities to your sales and service department.

Simple, right?

The hard part comes in when you determine how to measure the productivity of Agent A to Agent B. Here are a few ideas on how to measure this critical KPI:

Fast –

Two-thirds of all leads that come into the dealership begin as an internet lead. Our data shows that if our agents call a web lead within five minutes of the lead submission, that agent has a 48% chance of the person picking up the phone. If you let it go past five minutes, that opportunity dramatically drops to 12% or less.

Good –

Once the speed part of the transaction has been optimized, it’s time to ensure your agents are fully trained on how to ask for, and get, the appointment. Our back end numbers show that if the agent can call a lead back within five minutes and is highly trained on asking for the appointment, the person on the phone is 238% times more likely to buy from that dealership.

Back-Up –

Now that we know it takes five minutes or under to grab 48% of those prospective buyers, it is easy to see how many would-be appointments and sales your team is losing when you are not open on Sundays, after hours and holidays. Reach out to our team to find out how you can partner with Traver Connect to backfill these positions and stop losing sales during your off hours!

Whereas response time used to be measured in minutes, the customer expectation is now seconds. Traver Connect is your partner in ensuring leads are answered in the first five minutes, that the agent calling back is trained and ready to ask for the appointment, remember, 238% of leads are ready, and that you have coverage during peak time, after hours and weekends.

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