The Service Drive Is Heating Back Up

By Rob Canales – VP of Product Development and Marketing

COVID-19 has certainly impacted our business, however folks are more and more quickly returning to their “normal” way of life.  This includes being more amenable to venturing out, and servicing their vehicles.

To handle this resurgence in business, dealerships can leverage the following key strategies, and help your dealership connect to customers like never before.

First, the BDC has get back into full working order.  Picking up some calls and missing others isn’t going to get the job done.  By outsourcing part or all of your inbound calls you can quickly get into shape.  What you’ll discover is that a hybrid or fully outsourced model can save you a bunch of money in personnel costs, and produce high quality appointments.  Most stores realize a 30% to 50% reduction compared to hiring FTEs, not to mention the headache of turnover and constantly rehiring at the store.

Second, probably the single longest-lasting impact of the Corona virus is the ongoing threat of person to person transmission.  Mobile solutions for both customers and service advisors are critical to providing contact-free transactions, status updates, mobile payments, and much more.  This is an essential strategy that will only continue to gain popularity.  Your customers want this, trust me, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Third, being able to deliver a focused, accurate, and well-executed outbound campaign (like recalls and declined services) is paramount to helping you keep the shop loaded, retain more customers, conquest new customers, and bring new and consistent revenue into your dealership.  Outbound campaigns are 100% dependent on good data, and we have access to exclusive data unavailable elsewhere.

In summary, a complete and effective strategy requires a solid partner like Traver Connect.  By putting these strategies into place you’ll lead your dealership into return on investment territory you never thought possible.