TC Blog for August

How Traver Connect Creates Meaningful Connection To Boost Revenue

Bottom Line: Maximizing communication retains customers. But with busy schedules and low inventory, dealerships don’t have the time and resources to call customers to enhance services or bring in sales – all of which are vital to boosting revenue.

Traver Connect utilizes effective tools and strategies to help connect with more customers for less. Learn more about how they make a direct impact on your dealership’s bottom line.

Data Digging

We dig through data, so you don’t have to. By plugging into the dealership’s current tools, Traver optimizes productivity. No manual dialing, duplicate calls, and out-of-date contacts. Our expert team’s workflow increases outgoing connections by 400% per workday compared to onsite employees.

Multiple Touchpoints 

Traver staff connects with customers through meaningful conversations, whether scheduling a vehicle checkup, discussing the newest make and model, or relaying manufacturers recall. In order to garner long-term consumer loyalty, teams generate continuous engagement with customers through more than 300 calls at optimal times of the day.

Business Strategy 

Seamlessly working within a dealership’s system is just the first step in boosting revenue. Traver’s expert team collaborates with dealerships to create tailored marketing strategies that add real value. Most importantly, the team continues to be agile, adjusting strategy to accommodate new leads, environmental changes, and more.

Through data, connection, and strategy, Traver Connect helps dealerships do more with less. Learn more, schedule a BDC evaluation today!