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The Service Drive Is Heating Back Up

By Rob Canales – VP of Product Development and Marketing COVID-19 has certainly impacted our business, however folks are more and more quickly returning to their “normal” way of life.  This includes being more amenable to venturing out, and servicing … Read More

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New Year – SMART Goal Setting

By Rob Canales – VP of Product Development and Marketing Happy New Year!  Since many folks are just coming back to the office from the holidays I think today is the perfect time to introduce this wise topic.  SMART Goals.  … Read More

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5 Common Reasons Why Service BDCs Fail

Lack of Service Management and Advisor Buy-in. Often top level leadership will make a decision to hire an outside Service BDC or create an internal one, because the assumption here is that advisors will be better off building a one … Read More

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Service BDC 2.0… Developing “Customers for Life” with Outbound Programs!

“Catching the call” is the primary objective for Service BDCs. It’s the main reason they are launched, first and foremost, in the minds of service managers and GMs alike. That’s still valid, however, there’s another priority that is just as … Read More

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Is It Cheaper to Build or Buy BDC Services?

By Rob Canales, VP of Product Development, Traver Connect This age-old dilemma persists with one key difference, the recent trend has seen an increase in focusing on Service BDCs, not Sales BDCs.  We say, Welcome to the Party!!! Short version, … Read More

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5 Parts of an Outsourced Service BDC Difficult to Replicate In-Dealership

Blog Article posted in ADM. By Rob Canales, VP of Product Development, Traver Connect When it comes to the Customer Experience (CX) delivered by your Service BDC, most dealers feel pretty strongly that a traditional, small Service BDC can be done … Read More

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Service BDC is NOT Business as Usual

So, your dealership has decided to implement a Service BDC: Congratulations your dealership just started a customer care business unit and this business unit is nothing like what has been seen before. Up until now most of the inbound call … Read More


4 Questions To Ask Before You Build Your Service BDC

By John Traver, CEO, Traver Connect It was Jim Rohn who once said “Neglect starts out as an infection and then becomes a disease.” Neglect may show itself in many forms in the service appointment process. Too many missed incoming … Read More


Retention is a Matter of Trust

By Kristin Honderick, Account Manager, Traver Connect A single customer experience can influence your business up or down dramatically these days.  Word travels quickly with the use of social media and/or reviews so the “reality” of your customer experience is … Read More

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Strategic Plan for Successful BDC Staffing

By Karen Rust, Accounts Director Traver Connect Staffing your BDC requires a strategic plan to be successful.  When you begin to recruit, you should know how many staff are required, potential call volume and the hours that will need to … Read More

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The “Evidence” is Overwhelming: A Simple Retention Roadmap

By John Traver, CEO, Traver Connect It’s a word that is tossed around often and much, but “retention” is still “THE word”. How else can our industry sum up the simple business principle of repeat purchases with the same customer? … Read More

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Here Are 5 Ways to Ensure Maximum Success for Your Service BDCs

  Let us start with this famous Thomas Edison quote: “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work”. Same holds true today as it did way back then. If you are an … Read More

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The Customer

Without a doubt, the modern Dealership needs to adapt to the tech-savvy customer who is digitally connected. These same customers rely on word- of-mouth and seek the experiences shared by others by reading reviews or viewing images. The power of … Read More